Jul 23 2009In order to evaluate the performance and practicality of both the developed software and the proposed coiling control algorithm experiments were conducted using the downcoiler in the No 2 Hot Strip Mill at Pohang Works where coiling operations are normally carried out at high strip tension compared to other downcoilers The strip mill was a major innovation in steelmaking with the first being erected at Ashland Kentucky in 1923 This provided a continuous process cutting out the need to pass the plates over the rolls and to double them as in a pack mill At the end the strip was cut with a guillotine shear or rolled into a coil Early (hot rolling) strip mills did not produce strip suitable for tinplate

Steel mill manager turns down a free machine shop

Jan 05 2020Even the Mexicans are springing for new high tech machines- this Mexican mill will run 2 5 million tons a year of hot strip and they are spending them big bucks for new machines- Herkules delivers complete roll shop for Mexican rolling mill

Sendzimir Mill Features The Sendzimir mill arch is integrally cast and pre-stressed and a circular arc track is provided in the arch to secure the backup roll All the intermediate rolls are fixed on the arch by the suspension hydraulic cylinders on the transmission side and the operation side and the suspension force is set according to the weight of the roller body

Model for cooling and phase transformation behaviour of transformation induced plasticity steel on runout table in hot strip mill H N Han and S -H Park A mathematical model has been developed considering non-symmetric cooling in the thickness direction of strip on a runout table (ROT)

Mill control system and method for metal strip rolling con trolled in response to a sequence of controller scans are pro vided A sensor suite is coupled to sense a plurality of param eters regarding the strip rolling A model responsive to the sensed parameters is configured to estimate per scan at least

Ain Sokhna hot strip mill is the most modern mill for the production of quality coils from thin slabs The two F2cR four-high stands for flexible crown control and free rolling are fitted with dynamic roll crossing and long-stroke shifting to produce ultra-thin gauges in endless rolling

Cold rolling

This mill is increasingly used for stainless steel strip rolling either as in-line tandem mill for cold rolling or in the entry section of hot-strip stainless steel annealing and pickling lines to roll black hot strip with highest pass reductions and simultaneous improvement of the strip shape

A hot mill customer was experiencing problems with its current operations and was looking for improvement in the following areas Electrical power Productivity Work roll wear Strip quality To help improve their operations Quaker proposed introducing a roll-bite lubrication system including a product from its QUAKER

Crane view midway of the Hot Strip Mill looking south towards the furnace area at the end of the mill The yellow apparatus was used to change finish mill work rolls Past the tow motor is the large backup finish mill rolls Farther down you can see the Hot strip coming out of the 4 high Roughing mill Past that is a Two High 'Scale' breaker

The hot strip mill process (HSMP) is a high-speed transient metal machining molding process 1–3 In the steelmaking process stable product quality and safe reliable operation of a hot strip rolling mill are the main control objectives The dimensional quality speci

change by rolling and pressing metallurgical defects in cast slabs and hot rolled products primary steel-making processes optimization and control of width change process fundamentals of metal casting steel making technology basic principles of width change plate mills hot strip mills quality assurance

Headed the co-ordination (NMDC – Mecon – Danieli) and planning for the design erection and commissioning of 2 9 MT CSP with double stand Caster twin Tunnel furnace 6MT Hot Strip Mill with the latest technologies available in the International Steel Market Headed the planning erection and commissioning of new plate mill

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Thin steel strip rolling performance in the hot strip mill train has been investigated mainly the metallurgical microstructure A compact hot mill train producing ordinary steel strip with 1 2 mm final thickness was assumed and the characteristics were theoretically calculated and analyzed Strip

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HOT STRIP MILL — HIGHEST PERFORMANCE FOR NEW AND EXISTING STEEL MILLS The demand for hot rolled strip is growing in multiple ways To remain competitive new and existing mills must meet this challenge in the best possible way The production of hot strip is a key element of steel production

Jun 01 2004Factors such as neutral point friction coefficient width spread shape of deformation zone in the roll bite are incorporated into the model Implementation of the new forward slip model for the control of a 7-stand hot strip tandem rolling mill shows significant improvement in roll

Houghton's Rollshield line of hot rolling lubricants includes varying combinations of natural and synthetic esters and additives that provide superior lubricity characteristics over conventional oils The Rollshield product line includes Rollshield HM-600 which was developed for the hot rolling of steel strip Rollshield HM-600 Rollshield HM-575 and Rollshield 300 can be used on all

roll bite and in a typical Cold Tandem Mill work roll temperatures normally fall in the range of 55oC – 70oC with strip recoil temperatures and inter-stand strip temperature rarely exceeding 160 oC depending on product Roll Bite temperatures in slower heavily drafted stands can peak in the region of 300oC diminishing with the

SMS DEMAG Hot Strip Mills 8 The coilbox arranged between the roughing stand and the finishing mill of a hot rolling mill forms coils of transfer bars thus serving as both material and heat accumulator During uncoiling the former trans-fer bar tail runs into the finishing mill as transfer bar head The coilbox is employed in new facilities

After having passed through the cold rolling mill the steel strip is hardened This entails that it is no longer able to be processed further This is why in order to make the steel cold deformable it needs to undergo a heat treatment This can be done in the batch annealing section or in the continuous annealing and processing line

In order to adapt to severe hot rolling conditions of a Hot Strip Mill a rolling mill roll with much higher resistance to wear and surface roughening has always been searched In the beginning of the 1990's a challenge was launched to rollmakers to develop a product capable of better satisfying the ever-increasing requirements for

change caused by roll gap movement Another disturbance comes from the set–up mis-match Before the strip arrives at the finishing mill a supervisorycomputer calculates initial set– up values such as the roll gap and rolling speed for the stands to get required specifications However the mismatch between the real processed values