MINERAL EXPLORATION AND ALTERATION ZONE MAPPING IN EASTERN DESERT OF EGYPT USING ASTER DATA Abduwasit Ghulam the South Eastern Desert (SED) of Egypt – the Sukari gold mine (24 95526 N 34 720242 E) because of the presence mining area as a pilot study to indentify and validate the most effective method The most successful technique One of the Middle East's most unique landscapes Khor al-Udaid features an extraordinary juxtaposition of desert and sea on the Qatari coast of the Persian Gulf By day the sea smoothly draws up amongst the soft white sand dunes creating a beautifully clear and still inland sea before retreating again at night


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This effect is due to the Himalayas blocking most rains from blowing over to the Gobi The prevailing winds in this region are the westerlies which blow from west to east Storm Season There are monsoons that have the capability of reaching the southeastern part of the Gobi desert which is usually dry

Even now mining continues in the Eastern Desert but today the Eastern Desert and the Red Sea Coast are popular among tourists for principally three reasons The least of these is probably the various inscriptions from the Predynastic and Dynastic Periods along

Jul 24 2018The ceramic evidence and other materials indicate that the site dates to between 400 and 600 C E says Darnell "This Late Roman site complements the evidence for similar archaeological sites in the Eastern Desert and once again fills a gap in an area once blank on the archaeological map of the Eastern Desert

Mining in Egypt has had a long history that goes back to predynastic times Egypt has substantial mineral resources including 48 million tons of tantalite (fourth largest in the world) 50 million tons of coal and an estimated 6 7 million ounces of gold in the Eastern Desert

Ancient Activity of Gold Mining in the Eastern Desert

Ancient Activity of Gold Mining in the Eastern Desert - Free download as PDF File ( pdf) Text File ( txt) or read online for free detailed description about the ancient activity of gold mines along the different ancient civilization times in egypt

With over 1 000 identified ancient gold mining sites in the Eastern Desert (where Abu Marawat is located) a low-cost skilled workforce and operating environment and a government that is focused on building its mining industry Egypt is ready to become the next major gold producer Aton Resources is positioned well to apply modern mining

The book presents the historical evolution of gold mining activities in the Egyptian and Nubian Desert (Sudan) from about 4000 BC until the Early Islamic Period (~800–1350 AD) subdivided into the main classical epochs including the Early Dynastic – Old and Middle Kingdoms – New Kingdom (including

The 'Atbai' the local name for the Eastern Desert of Sudan is a rocky region punctuated by ancient goldmines nomadic camps rock art and the vestiges of ancient Egyptian expeditions The Atbai desert is the home of nomadic groups known variably as the Medjay Blemmyes and Beja in Egyptian Classical and Arabic documents respectively

Mineralogy and chemical aspects of some ophiolitic metaultramafics central Eastern Desert Egypt Evidences from chromites sulphides and gangues Geological Journal 53(2) 580-599 ⓘ Barramiya Mine Basem Zoheir and Bernd Lehmann (2011) Listvenite–lode association at the Barramiya gold mine Eastern Desert Egypt

Wadi el-Hudi like elsewhere in the Eastern Desert is a region rich in mineral resources Its special geology is responsible for the concentration of desirable raw materials this area not only lies at the border between an older metamorphic gneiss complex and younger igneous granites but also contains Nubian sandstone and veins of volcanic basalt minerals and other stone types

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Al Fawakhir mining district lies in rugged Precambrian mountains of the Central Eastern Desert It is almost exactly halfway between the Qift Nile Valley and Quseir Red Sea It comprises two gold mines Al Fawakhir and Al Sid The study area is

Yahia Zakaria Amer

Head Of Technical Department في True East Mining Company • Exploration geologist working in gold and base metals exploration in the eastern desert of Egypt in Hammash concessions along the red sea area • Regional exploration for Gold prospects in the Eastern Desert of Egypt Familiar with many of the Gold occurrences in the region

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Eastern Desert of Egypt Geological map of the district between Gebel Atqa and Gebel el Galla el Baharya / Geological map of the district between Gebel Atqa and Gebel el Galla el Baharya Catalog Record Only Shows distribution of minerals deposits and rocks formations in the geologically explored area in Jabal Aṭāqah (Ataqa Mountains) and Jabal al-Jalālah al-Baḥrīyah

Early mining The map was found in Luxor in the late 19th century It is the oldest known geological plan in the world It was quite helpful for us because what is shows really is the ancient Egyptians were mining gold in the eastern desert when other communities were still in