Mar 03 2016In recent times due to the numerous products {yam chips pellets starch} that can be processed from yam tubers and the growing need for hygienically well packaged ready to use food product by the growing middle class in Nigeria there is a gap in the supply of instant pounded yam flour in Nigeria thereby prompting a shift in the demand-supply Where to Buy Rico Yam Pounders Olashile Offers The Strongest Yam Pounders in Nigeria The yam pounding machine comes with 2 years Warranty You Can Now Easily Make Your Favourite POUNDED YAM FUFU MAKER e t c In Minutes Without Stress

Instant Pounded Yam Flour Production The Feasibility Report

West Africa accounts for 90-95% of world yam production with Nigeria the largest single producer In 2004 global yam production was about 47 million metric tons (MT) with 96% of this coming from Africa Be the first to review "Instant Pounded Yam Flour Production The Feasibility Report

Why is the Osuji Pounded Yam Machine the most powerful and convenient ever? Any other pounder might choose the kind of yam it pounds well but Your Osuji transforms all and any tuber be it old or new yams plantain cocoyams cassava etc into the best fufu you have ever had in sixty secounds

Optimization of some "poundo" yam production parameters Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute P M B 1489 Ilorin Nigeria) Abstract Pounded yam is a very popular delicacy in Nigeria There is need to proffer solution to the problem of its Onayemi 1988) A machine for pounding yams and similar foods was developed by

Iyan (Pounded Yam) is a known and prestigious staple popular among the highly educated and illiterate Nigerian Iyan is what Yorubas call it In Lagos Ogun Ondo Cross River and some other states pounded yam is a choice food when having a traditional event like marriage naming chieftancy title awards coronation of a new King and buffets

Aug 04 2018I will be sharing ideas on how to add value to agricultural products and various business potential that abound with each food products Our first article will be on yam Why yam first you may ask maybe because pounded yam is my best food or maybe Nigeria is the largest producer of yam in the world anyways let's move on to business YAM (Dioscorea spp) Yam as we may already know

Yam pounding machine Lagos

Jul 05 2014₦ 35 000 Yam pounding machine Lagos Published date July 5 2014 Location Lagos Island Lagos Lagos Nigeria Sylkem fabrication manufactures yam pounding Machine for sales and is used for making pounded yam It is an electric machine that used electric power with low voltage This machine saves the modern housewife time energy and

Peak Yam Pounder Machine is the easiest and quickest method of preparing Nigeria local delicacy known as POUNDED YAM This yam pounding machine is a must have for every because its every kitchen essential The working class wives and mothers' best friend when it

Apr 8 2017 See the current Yam Pounding Machine Price in Nigeria Buy the latest yam pounders at cheap price and pay on delivery See yam pounding machine How to Start a Yam Flour Production Company ~ Small Business Ideas Yam flour Pounded yam is a traditional delicacy in Nigeria and several West African countries

List of electric yam pounding equipment dealers in Nigeria Addis Engineering Limited is one of the leading electric yam pounding equipment dealer in nigeria providing Addis pounding machines supplies 3 Donfalus Pounded Yam Machine 154 Awolowo Road Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 0808 337 6594 0813 096 7326 More info Write a Review Donfalus

May 30 2013Production The world production of yam was estimated at 28 1 million tons in 1993 96% of this came from West Africa the main producers being Nigeria the world's largest yam producer with 71% of world production Cte d'Ivoire 8 1% Benin 4 3% and Ghana 3 5% In the humid tropical countries of West Africa yams are one of the most highly

* Ruggedly made * Pounds fufu plantain cocoyam yam etc * Operates on generator or electricity * Made of metal * Pounds fast Why stress yourself pounding with pestle and mortar Get this machine and prepare pounded yam and pounded fufu with ease No stress Just boil your food and put inside Cover and press the button Thats all In two minutes your food is done Get yours now

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For more infomation about yam flour production plant yam starch production plant and all other yam processing machine below please feel free to contact with us Our processing machines are fully tested by BVI Bureau Veritas in France and of the processing technology is up to standard


1 SENSORY ANALYSIS TEST OF POUNDED YAM MADE FROM A POUNDING MACHINE DESIGNED AND FABRICATED IN NIGERIA Abulude F O1* Elemide A O2 Oladipupo O K3 and Ale T A3 1Science and Education Development Institute Akure Ondo State Nigeria 2Department of Agricultural and Bio-Environmental Engineering Federal College of Agriculture Akure Ondo State Nigeria

Instant Pounded Yam Production Business Startup hi good job u a doing how can I start d poundo yam business with #5000 can I do it without processing machine? thanks yam processing machines in nigeria - BINQ Mining Buy equipment for processing of Yam flour from Nigeria Buying Buy Buy equipment for processing of Yam flour from

addition to the fact that this machine gives more hygienic pounded yam it also eliminates the tedious and laborious indigenous process of preparing pounded yam The development of the yam pounding machine demonstrated the fact that such food processing equipment helps in producing large quantities and keeps cost under control

Yoruba people in general and quite notably the people of Ọṣun State – especially the Ijesha people – eat iyan and egusi a pounded yam and egusi soup In Ghana Egusi is also called akatoa of agushi and as in Nigeria is used for soup and stew and most popularly in palaver sauce

The device gets the yam cooked Once cooked it switches into a blending mode and crushes the yam then mashes it into a smooth dough The other way is even easier and popular especially outside Africa This involves yam been processed into a dried powder (dehydrated yam flour) either by sun drying yam or commercially using desiccating machines

Nov 14 2014But people do pass through a lot of stress pounding yam Now with just the touch of a button you can make that real pounded yam possible This is amazing!even after a long day at work Here comes a pounded yam machine specifically designed to take the stress of pounding yam off you and make you enjoy your cherished delicacy

HOW TO PREPARE AND PACKAGE POUNDED YAM FLOOR FOR BUSINESS MARKETING BUSINESS ARTICLES Pounded Yam is the most expensive food in our urban cities of Nigeria although the most common in our rural areas It has the advantage of being able to be preserved for a longer period of time Yam Tubers are the only raw materials for pounded yam floor

Nigeria Energy utilization and conservation in instant- pounded yam flour production Abstract Pounded yam is a highly valued staple food in many African countries However the traditional method of processing the food using pestle and mortar is discouraging consumption among elite Instant-pounded yam flour is a developed product to solve the