Oct 27 2019All kinds of problems plague this old oil burner including faulty head bolts Weak torque to yield bolts paired with an extremely high compression ratio cause the cylinder heads to lift off the block And levitating cylinder heads are bad business Sure vintage diesel trucks can be cool but stay away from 5 7L diesel-equipped rigs Jun 11 2019Mining trucks keep on getting bigger and bigger as miners increasingly opt for huge capacity trucks with greater operational efficiency Recently launched the Belaz 75710 is by far the world's biggest dump truck with the capacity to haul a staggering 496t of payload

Bringing autonomous haulage to the oil sands

Bringing autonomous haulage to the oil sands December 1 2018 by SMS Equipment It's a big challenge for today's customer as the mining technology space becomes increasingly complex with deployments in more challenging remote locations The planned enhancements will enable manned haul trucks of any make to safely interoperate with

Vale meanwhile previously told Mining "The adoption of autonomous trucks at Brucutu (iron ore mine in Brazil) is expected to reduce fuel consumption by more than 10% Maintenance costs in turn should fall by another 10% and off-road truck tyres which cost up

trucks off road hauling huge oil sands GSC Logistics first to haul commercial cargo with a BYD Oct 29 2019 On 22 October 2019 GSC Logistics was the first to haul a commercial cargo using an electric semi through the Altamont Pass with their BYD 8TT heavyduty electric truck The Altamont Pass is a low mountain pass (1 009 feet or 308

Sep 12 2018Acela converts military trucks into off-road workhorses September 12 2018 Facebook Twitter In Canada the trucks are proving useful in the Alberta oil sands Ronsen said the vehicles are being used for a variety of tasks from delivering fuel to utility trucks to load trucks to welding trucks

Industrial businesses have used dump trucks for years when it comes to hauling extremely dense materials such as concrete rocks and dirt Read More Even small dump trucks can move about 10-12 tons of debris or material which is perfect for landscape supplies and smaller jobs Go with a heavy duty tri axle dump truck which has about a 17-19 ton weight capacity over a single axle dump truck

The Top 10 Off

The SM420 is in our opinion the perfect off-road-worthy manual transmissions of all time This tranny may be long in the tooth as some units are now pushing 60 years in age but don't let a few gray hairs fool you – this transmission will soak up insanes amounts of horsepower without so much as asking for an oil change every few years

Off-Highway Trucks 789D Setting the bar in its size class View Specs Tour Change model create Benefits Designed to dissipate haul road and loading impacts for longer frame life and a more comfortable ride The 789D Mining Truck offers oil renewal systems extended life filters and extended maintenance intervals which aid in decreasing

Trucks to showcase TA300 and TA400 at CONEXPO 24 January 2020 Articulated hauler specialist Trucks is bringing both the TA300 and TA400 to CONEXPO North America's largest construction trade show As part of the family the company will be sharing a booth in Las Vegas with other Group brands

PHIL's Autogate Tailgate works with your off-highway truck insuring full truck utilization The Autogate Tailgate allows an increased yet balanced load and effectively contains most any material no matter what the incline or road condition Whether you're hauling dirt sand gravel shot rock coal oil sands or soupy material the PHIL

The 797 is a series of off-highway ultra class two-axle mechanical powertrain haul trucks developed and manufactured in the United States by Inc specifically for high-production mining and heavy-duty construction applications worldwide In production since 1998 the 797 series represents 's largest highest capacity haul trucks

The rock trucks are powerful haul trucks capable of carrying huge loads between 100 to 300 tons that would require dozens of dump trucks to match Buying a rock truck is a cost efficient alternative to rock truck rental or buying new We offer multiple ways to buy rock truck live onsite auctions online auctions buy now or make offer

We offer a variety of vehicles suited for construction sites power plants drilling operations and other off-road and rough terrain job sites From truck rentals to utility vehicles to water trailers dump trailers automobile tow dollies and much more we have the powered carts and equipment you need to get around your jobsite

A second hand market place to help you find your used offroad vehicle to race or play in the desert mud ice forest Anything from trophy trucks trick trucks Baja racers UTV ATV dirt bike Ranger Raptor Tacoma 4Runner for your Desert Racing in Baja Rally Raid Rally or around town

Raptor Handles a Huge Jump with Ease Freaky Friday

Jan 24 2020Raptor with some aftermarket suspension bits cruises through a series of jumps at speed When Ford began marketing the F-150 Raptor the automaker included footage of the off-road-ready performance truck tackling some pretty big jumps Unfortunately when some owners tried that they ran into problems with the chassis and the airbag system but this week's Freaky Friday video reaffirms

Canada's $207 000 oil sands ad Putting a price on deception "Western Star custom heavy haul loaded with a big off road dump in Canada Submitted by Abmiusem " now that would suck if u where driving a lifted truck say with 49 inch tires and that big truck was in front of u course u could go around him or her who's ever driving it

Filled my truck with off-road diesel by accident How fucked am I? So I went to a station that isn't my usual It's on a truck route and three of the four diesel pumps were taken Pulled up to the open onejust didn't pay any attention and started filling Yeah I'm just a big worry wort I bet the big rig drivers at the station were

Nov 20 2019Their big size and heavy load makes them ideal for off-road situations (rough terrain) and not recommended for being used over roads or developed areas Also they are among the best when hauling long distances They are capable of handling loads up to 60 tons Articulated dump trucks have a hinge between the cab and the bed box

745 articulated trucks excel in hauling and dumping material such as rock and dirt over rough off road terrains This site uses and sets cookies on your computer to help make this website better by keeping the site reliable and secure personalizing content and ads providing social media features and analyzing how the site is used

Trucks to showcase TA300 and TA400 at CONEXPO 24 January 2020 Articulated hauler specialist Trucks is bringing both the TA300 and TA400 to CONEXPO North America's largest construction trade show As part of the family the company will be sharing a booth in Las Vegas with other Group brands

Aug 06 2014With that information we can supply the right configuration and spec's for that truck " Almost everything in the oil patch rides on heavy-duty air suspensions (rubber block is a rarity) usually 46-52 000 lb rear axle ratings matched with either Hendrickson Neway or Radan Air Link systems

Sep 19 2012All it took was a Dutchman living in Indonesia importing trucks from the Netherlands to utilize German engineering and technology to produce a completely out-of-the-box solution to persistent mining haul truck challenges yet to be solved by other OEMs –