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From tiling a small toilet or bathroom to conservatories and kitchens, or even beautiful complete bathroom refurbishment or mural, Airco bathrooms team of bathroom tilers in London have the skills and experience necessary to undertake any work you require to be carried out.

We can fit most styles of tiles including limestone, stone tiling, marble and ceramic. What ever the look you are after you can guarantee Airco bathrooms can meet your requirements and beyond.

Tiling: Floors and Walls

The skill of our craftsmen tilers is unparalleled in their ability to create beautiful walls and tiles that are virtually a work of art. Using start-of-the art technology for cutting and finishing tiles made from all materials, they are proficient in all aspects of tiling, indoors and out. Using innovative solutions for difficult to tile areas, such as curves or sunken showers, we are able to provide a unique practical covering with durability and ease of cleaning in mind.

Many clients desire more than just a ceramic tile; we work with all natural stone, slate, terracotta, glass, mosaic and porcelain to give a finish of timeless elegance.
Natural Stone requires preparation prior to installation and care and attention once the fixed. When treated and fixed properly you will enjoy the beauty and natural stone for years to come.

We use only the highest quality impregnators and sealants to ensure the durability of the tiles and to maximise resistance to water, oil, grease and other stains. Left untreated, the porosity of most natural stone will absorb unsightly stains detracting from appearance and cleanliness.

Each type of tile material, due to its chemical makeup, needs a specialized adhesive and grout to ensure maximum stability, thereby avoiding future movement or cracks. Waterproof adhesive and grout is used in most bathroom circumstances on sealed or tanked floors and walls, eliminating water leakage or damp. Grout is treated against discoloration, stains and mould to ensure maximum longevity and hygiene.

Since natural stone is a calciferous material it is easily damaged by acid based cleaning products. Where natural stone is used in wet areas as water softener is highly recommended to eliminate lime scale build up and the need for harsh cleaning material.

Tanking and waterproofing:

Essential for all wet areas before tiling, a waterproof and highly elastic membrane is used to create an impermeable surface to ensure any wet area does not leak water. Used for all wet areas in bathrooms, showers, wash rooms, patios, terraces and balconies to provide the perfect foundation for laying all types of tiling, inside and out. Specialised tanking installed for compatibility of under floor electric heating.


Travertine: Ideal Uses: Floor and Wall tiles, internal and external

Travertine is a natural stone formed by pressurized steam and dissolved limestone caused by shifts in the Earth’s crust. Various sizes and finishes are available to suit individual tastes:
Honed and filled, whereby natural holes are filled with cement before the travertine is polished. This gives a smooth polished finish.
Tumbled travertine gives a traditional finish leaving the undulation of the stone.
Travertine is a porous calciferous natural product and requires specialised impregnation and sealing to ensure stain and water resistance and easy cleaning and maintenance.


Bathroom Tiling In london Completed By Airco Bathrooms


Limestone: Ideal Uses; Floor and Walls internal
Limestone is a soft sedimentary material formed by the creation of old shells and fossils from the ocean bed and is generally white or with pale pastel hues caused by clay, sand, coral and other organic materials. Although practical and durable, harder variations are required when used for floor tiling.

Marble: Ideal Uses; Floor and Walls internal & external , worktops, window sills, ledges & cladding.

The lavish beauty and high polished strength of the many coloured marbles has made it the material of choice for Kings and palaces since time began. The crystalline structure caused by extreme pressure and heat on limestone, ensures a depth of colour and uniqueness of pattern.


Honed, filled and polished
Whereby natural holes are filled with cement before the marble is highly polished giving a smooth shiny service.

Tumbled and Chiselled
Gives authentic rustic appearances with a matt unpolished finish.

Jerusalem stone : Hardwearing  flooring and walls
Cut from the hills of Jerusalem, this is a dense and extremely hard wearing marble available in a spectrum of colours from whites and creams to pinks and reds. Formed from hard limestone and dolomite strata it is perfect to use for any floor area throughout the home. Generally highly polished and smooth the touch, it is also available in tumbled and honed finishes to suit every taste.


Granite: Floor and Walls internal and external , worktops, window sills and ledges, cladding

Granite has always been considered as the king of natural stone, both for its depth and reflection of colours and extreme strength and durability. Granite is formed from the core of the earth and is available in whole spectrum of reflective colours due to is quartz content. Granite adds elegant sophistication to any floor or wall, whether indoors and out and is highly suitable for use as worktops, table tops and window sills.

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